The MADE Guarantee

February 1, 2021

During uncertain times like these, we understand why you might be worried about buying a ticket for any event. However, your support right now really makes a huge difference for the survival of the event. As a promise to you, if the event is cancelled or postponed for any reason, we will offer you a ticket for next year's event or guarantee that you will be eligible for a refund for the full-face value of your ticket. (some official ticket partners offer a booking credit for their booking fee)

If the event is cancelled or postponed then you will be eligible to either transfer your ticket to the rescheduled date or apply for a refund. Refunds under these circumstances must be applied for within a specific time period of the date of cancellation or postponement via our Official Ticket Partners. The details of this process will be outlined in a statement in the event of a cancellation or postponement due to Covid-19.